How to use this site

This site provides travel information for the Highlands. Please click on one of the links below for more information on:


Traffic Help

The Traffic tab shows a list of up to the minute information on events affecting traffic flow throughout the Highlands.

Events Timescale

Select the time-scale for the events to view i.e. events which will effect traffic within the next 24 hours.

Events on/off icons

Types of event can be toggled on and off using the appropriate icons, selecting and deselecting as necessary.

Traffic Search Entry Box

Search the traffic table for events which contain specific text by entering the text in the search box and clicking search.

Traffic Show All Button

The show all button will remove any search text and timescale and event filters and display all available traffic events.

Traffic Road Condition Status Icon

Click on an icon in the table to see the event on the map.

Traffic Sorting

Sort information in the table by clicking on the column heading. Reverse the order by clicking on the heading again.

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